‘Springsteen on Broadway’ Trailer Reveals Netflix’s Presentation of the Acclaimed Stage Show

     November 27, 2018


Netflix has released the first trailer for Springsteen on Broadway, which brings Bruce Springsteen’s critically acclaimed Broadway stage show to the masses. Indeed, if you heard everyone raving about the iconic artist’s Broadway show and were insanely jealous that you didn’t get a chance to see it in person, Springsteen—man of the people—is offering up a recorded version of the show on Netflix. It’s very much in keeping with Springsteen’s whole persona, and I’m eager to check it out.

The Broadway show is autobiographical in nature, as Springsteen discusses his life while sprinkling in various songs from his career, like “Born to Run,” “Thunder Road,’ and “Brilliant Disguise.” But Springsteen isn’t backed by a band, and instead delivers a terrifically intimate performance with just a guitar, a piano, and his voice.

This looks like a really special show, and no doubt Springsteen fans the world over will be enthused to check it out when it launches next month. For now, check out the Springsteen on Broadway trailer below, followed by the poster. The Netflix special premieres on December 16th.

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