Stalled Negotiations Between Michael C. Hall and Showtime Put 7th Season of DEXTER in Jeopardy

     October 4, 2011

First the stars of  The Simpsons are having a hard time with Fox about a huge paycut that might halt production on the series next spring, but now it looks like cable is having a similar battle. Deadline has word that Showtime has reached in impasse in negotiations with Michael C. Hall for his new contract for Dexter following the conclusion of his current deal which ends with the sixth season (read my review of last weekend’s premiere right here). Apparently Showtime has offered Hall $20 mllion for two more seasons while the actor’s representatives are looking to close a $24 million deal instead. That’s not to say that Hall doesn’t deserve the payment for turning in a spectacular performance every single season, but apparently either salary would make him one of the highest paid actors in cable. Right now the two sides can’t reach an agreement, and there’s a chance a deal might be struck for one season instead of two, but that doesn’t seem like the best option for fans who just want more. But the question remains how long Dexter can have the strong legs the series has maintained thus far. Perhaps one more season would be best for our dark passenger.