Stan Lee Exclusive Video Interview – Scream Awards 2008

     October 21, 2008

On Saturday night I attended the Scream Awards and managed to interview a bunch of people on the red carpet. Over the last two days I’ve posted a number of interviews, and by tomorrow night I’ll have the rest online. While I’d love to have posted all of them already…I figured it would be better to spread them out.

Anyway, the interview below is with Stan ‘The Man’ Lee.

If you don’t know who Stan is…you’re definitely not a comic book fan. In case you didn’t know,Stan Lee co-created – along with either Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko – The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Dr. Strange, Daredevil and a ton of other Marvel characters that millions around the world know and love.

Quite simple…Stan Lee is a legend and someone who has influenced generations of kids and adults. So whenever you get to talk with Stan…it’s always a great thing.

Since I interviewed Stan recently – click here to read that interview – this one was pretty loose. But if you’re a fan of his cameos in the Marvel movies, I think you’ll like this interview. He also talks about Iron Man and it’s a funny story.

Stan Lee

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