Exclusive: Watch Stan Lee Pitch His Next SPIDER-MAN Cameo to Director Marc Webb

     November 6, 2012


Last week when I sat down with The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb for an exclusive video interview to promote today’s Blu-ray/DVD release, something very cool happened: Stan Lee interrupted the interview.  While Stan came in just to say hi, I decided to use the opportunity to have him pitch Marc Webb on his next Spider-Man cameo since he’s now signed on to direct the sequel.  As you might imagine, Stan had a lot of ideas on how his next character could be a major part of the sequel.  Hit the jump to watch.

In addition, if you missed my interview with Marc Webb where he confirmed Jamie Foxx as Electro, the importance of Oscorp in the sequel, how there will be a new Spidey suit, and a lot more, click here to watch it.

For those that missed it, here’s Stan Lee’s cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man:

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