Stanley Tucci Video Interview EASY A

     September 18, 2010

Screen Gems’ Easy A tells the story of good girl Olive (Emma Stone), who like literary character Hester Pryn, finds herself at the center of a small town’s ridicule.  At the Easy A press junket, Stanley Tucci had plenty to say about playing Emma Stone’s laid back and likeable father Dill.  And for all you Marvel movie fans…he also talked about his role as Doctor Erksine in next summer’s Captain America: The First Avenger.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

In the interview, the mercurial Stanley Tucci is quick to sing the praises of his director and cast.  He also waxes philosophic about the pain of adolescence.  It’s at the end of the interview that he gleefully discusses his appearance in what is for him a “very different” kind of movie: Captain America.

As usual, Tucci is excellent as Dill Penderghast, and joins a great ensemble cast for what I feel is one of the best date movies of the year.  Screen Gems’ Easy A is due out September 17th.

Easy A image Stanley Tucci, Emma Stone, Patricia Clarkson

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