First Trailer for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Will Be Attached to Non-IMAX Screenings of THE HOBBIT

     November 15, 2012


Just yesterday Paramount announced that a special preview of the first nine minutes of J.J. Abrams’ sequel Star Trek Into Darkness will exclusively be playing in 3D in front of IMAX showings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on December 14th.  I surmised at the time that the first proper trailer for the follow-up would likely be unveiled in front of Jack Reacher the following weekend, but it appears we won’t have to wait that long.  The first trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness will be attached to non-IMAX showings of The Hobbit.  Hit the jump for more details on what to expect.

TrekMovie broke the news of the trailer launch, and the story was subsequently tweeted by Darkness scribe Damon Lindelof, thus confirming its veracity.  The trailer will not be playing in the IMAX screenings of The Hobbit and the nine-minute preview won’t be released online, so hardcore Trekkies will have to spring for two showings of The Hobbit if they want to soak in all the Star Trek goodness ASAP.  Or they could just wait for the trailer to land online the following week.

The report notes that the trailer won’t just be a mash-up of footage from the prologue preview and will instead include footage from throughout the film, though I wouldn’t expect anything too revealing given that this is still a J.J. Abrams film.  Moreover, the trailer is said to be a legitimate theatrical trailer and not just a short teaser.  Star Trek Into Darkness opens in 3D on May 17, 2013.


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