STAR TREK 2 Begins Filming January 15th; Orci, Kurtzman, and Lindelof on 3rd Draft of the Scripts; New Details on Pre-Production

     November 16, 2011


Production on Star Trek 2 (unofficial title) is finally about to get underway.  We knew that it would start-up sometime in early 2012, but TrekMovie reports that filming on the sequel will officially begin on January 15, 2012.  Unless Paramount is willing to throw a lot more money at the sequel and everyone is willing to rush, don’t expect the sequel to hit theaters until summer 2013 at the earliest.

Roberto Orci says the script has “been done for a while” and that he and co-writers Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof are working on the 3rd draft, explaining, “rewriting is a good thing which normally makes the script better. We like to keep pushing the script, even if no one gives us notes.”  I think it’s safe to assume the current revisions are more along the lines of a polish rather than anything major.  Hit the jump for more details about the upcoming sequel.

TrekMovie also reports most of the design work has been completed and that many of the sets from the 2009 film have been in storage and will be reused.  While most of the effects shots will need to be completed in post production, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) has started on space effects which don’t require any filmed elements.  Finally, Abrams and his scouting team headed to Hawaii to consider a location for a “jungle planet”.  A source also tells TrekMovie that filming will take place outside a Los Angeles museum for a “famous Star Trek location”.

All of the lead cast members from the last movie are set to return, and as we previously reported, Benicio del Toro has been offered the villain role, but TrekMovie says no new roles have been cast.

To sum up, the movie is moving through the standard phases of pre-production and everything seems to be running smoothly.  I doubt we’ll find out any plot details for some time, but I’m willing to wager that the villain’s name will be revealed before filming begins or shortly thereafter.

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