J.J. Abrams Sneaks Klingon Screenshot Into MTV Movie Awards; Possible Villains in STAR TREK 2? (Update: The Klingons Will Be Featured in the Sequel.)

     June 4, 2012


The Klingons pictured above are angry at being left on the cutting room floor of JJ Abrams’ 2009 film, Star Trek; it’s possible the director will make amends by including them in the as-of-yet untitled sequel, Star Trek 2.   At the MTV Movie Awards last night, Abrams participated in a skit that misdirected your attention onto Jennifer Lawrence’s hotness and Joel McHale’s terrible archery skills.  What you may have missed is an intentionally included screenshot of a Klingon warrior on a monitor behind Abrams.  Reportedly, this isn’t an old screenshot from the 2009 film, but an image that was added to the skit on purpose.  Does it confirm that Klingons will be in the sequel? Maybe not, but it does confirm that Abrams likes to dick with us.  Hit the jump to check out the image. (Update: HitFix has confirmed that the image is from the sequel and that it features a real live Klingon.)

The site that brought this to our attention is the same one that previously suggested the presence of Klingons in the sequel.  In that same piece, it was also presented that Benedict Cumberbatch would in fact be playing the iconic (i-Khan-ic?) villain of Khan in the sequel.  That presumption was recently refuted by star, Simon Pegg. So is the Klingon screencap just another red herring from Abrams or a clue into what we can expect to see in the sequel?  Starring Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Alice Eve and Karl Urban, the Untitled Star Trek Sequel debuts May 17th, 2013.  Check out the video from the MTV Movie Awards below, followed by the screengrab (via TrekMovie):


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