New ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Set Video Highlights Uniforms, Weapons, and More

     January 18, 2016


I’m really hoping that Star Trek Beyond will be a rebound for the franchise, and it looks like the film is going in the right direction insofar as they want to pay tribute to the original 1966 series to mark the 50th anniversary, although they’ll be trying to balance that with some twists and suprises.

Entertainment Tonight went to the set of Star Trek Beyond and spoke with a few of the cast members about the upcoming film. Chris Pine pointed out a couple of the newer phasers, although we don’t know if they’ll actually get to use those weapons since as we’ve seen in the teaser trailer, the U.S.S. Enterprise gets destroyed, and the crew is forced to survive on a hostile planet.


Image via Entertainment Tonight

John Cho tells ET that before this catastrophic event, the crew is two years into their five-year mission and starting to feel a little homesick. “We’re all getting into our ruts and I think we’ve been around each other too long,” says Cho. He also revealed that Sulu has a daughter, and that there’s another revelation regarding the baby that he can’t divulge (he says the photo he has is from a Walgreens frame so I’m assuming they’ll CGI that out and replace it with whomever they cast as Sulu’s baby).

You may have already noticed from the trailer that the uniforms are slightly different. Karl Urban says the change is one of the ways the new movie hopes to honor the original series. When you get to see them close up, they’re a nice bridge between modern and retro, and hopefully we’ll get to see some more official images soon.

Finally, even though they don’t mind showing off phasers and costumes, Justin Lin’s Star Trek is still just as secretive as the ones made by J.J. Abrams. Urban revealed that their scripts have specific misspellings, so that if the script leaks online, the script can be traced back to its owner. That’s pretty hardcore, and I hope the movie is worth the effort.

Check out the video for ET’s report below. The film also stars Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Anton Yelchin, Simon Pegg, and Idris Elba. Star Trek Beyond opens July 22nd.

star-trek-beyond-karl urban-et-screenshot

Image via Entertainment Tonight

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