STAR TREK 3 Gets a July 8, 2016 Release Date

     December 23, 2014


Even though it’s only been a day since the new director for Star Trek 3 was announced, it seems as though the project is right back on track because Paramount Pictures just set a release date for the film.  A couple of weeks back, we learned that Roberto Orci vacated the position due to creative differences and now Fast Five’s Justin Lin is at the helm.

We’ll get to see what Lin does for the film franchise when Star Trek 3 hits theaters on July 8, 2016, two months before Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.  It’s currently free and clear of competition, but that’s a prime summertime spot right there so that likely won’t be the case for long.  Hit the jump for more on the Star Trek 3 release date news.

justin-lin-star-trek-3After the director shake-up, revealing the Star Trek 3 release date is a nice show of confidence from Paramount.  Personally, I’m quite pleased with the change.  Sure, Orci is a seasoned writer and producer, but Star Trek 3 would have been quite the undertaking for his first go at directing.  Lin, on the other hand, has some strong features under his belt.  In fact, I had so much fun with Fast & Furious 6 that I actually went back and watched all of the Fast and Furious movies I missed – every single one except the original.  I very much enjoyed Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, but if Lin can boost my interest in this series in a similar manner, all the better.

As for that release date, it’s a bit surprising that Paramount would go with a July opening after both Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness performed well in May, but when you look at the competition, it’s pretty clear that the studio just gave the film the best possible shot at hitting it big.  Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse will both likely be well on their way out as July rolls around and then Star Trek 3 will have a month until Suicide Squad comes out.  Of course there are some other potential blockbusters in the mix, but keeping clear of the superhero competition definitely puts a new release on the right track.

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