Simon Pegg Explains Why Alice Eve Wasn’t in ‘Star Trek Beyond’

     August 4, 2016

The development and production of Star Trek Beyond was a rushed one, as Simon Pegg and Doug Jung were tasked with penning an entirely new script just months before filming was to begin. Indeed, after Paramount parted ways with director Roberto Orci and instead signed Fast & Furious 6 helmer Justin Lin to direct, they still had a release date to meet, and so Pegg and Jung bunkered down and put pen to paper, resulting in the film we see today. Luckily, the rushed schedule didn’t negatively impact the film, as Beyond has been garnering solid reviews—especially from the Trek faithful—and is performing quite well at the box office having accumulated $169 million worldwide after two weeks in release.

However, when Beyond hit theaters, one piece of the puzzle was missing. Star Trek Into Darkness, director J.J. Abrams’ follow-up to the swell ’09 reboot Star Trek, made a big to-do of introducing the character of Carol Marcus, played by Alice Eve. The Trek canon character played a pivotal role in that film’s plot, and was at the end of the film set up as a new family member of the Enterprise crew. However, when Beyond rolled around, Marcus was nowhere to be seen.

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