‘Star Trek Beyond’ Bloopers Find Chris Pine On the Brink of Going “Full Shat”

     October 6, 2016


Among the paltry givings of the summer at the multiplex, Star Trek Beyond was one of the few unmitigated delights to be found, especially for a franchise film that was passing the torch from the great J.J. Abrams to Justin Lin, who was last seen handling True Detective Season 2. Lin quickly regained his reputation as a more-than-competent helmer of action spectacles, and his firm hold on the tone of the universe and those characters makes it one of the few movies I’m looking forward to revisiting soon.


Image via Paramount Pictures

In that spirit, it’s worth noting that the Blu-ray and DVD of the film will be hitting shelves on November 1st and part of the supplemental materials for the home video releases is a gag reel. You can take a look at the reel right below, which features Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, John Cho, and the late Anton Yelchin on the set of the enterprise during their scenes in the third sequel of the revamped franchise. The most memorable bit of nonsense, amongst a litany of flubs, curses, awkward placements, and other tics, is Pine teasing going “full Shat” when someone accuses him of trying to do a William Shatner impression.

It’s interesting to focus on the humor on the set considering the fact that part of what made Star Trek Beyond so satisfying as an entertainment was its buoyant sense of humor, likely helped by Simon Pegg‘s involvement with the script. It’s arguably an even funnier movie than the first Abrams movie, though this installment doesn’t quite feel as original and galvanized as Star Trek did when it arrived in theaters. And it is, in every sense of the word, a more substantial movie than its predecessor, the fascinating but also troublesome Star Trek Into Darkness. The fourth installment can’t get here soon enough.

Here’s the gag reel for Star Trek Beyond:

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