New ‘Star Trek’ Series Titled ‘Star Trek: Discovery’; Watch a Test Flight of the New Ship

     July 23, 2016


At their Comic-Con panel today, executive producer Bryan Fuller announced that CBS’ new Star Trek series is titled Star Trek: Discovery. The title will keep with the trend that the show is named after the signature ship. In this case, it’s the USS Discovery, designation U.S.S. Discovery (NCC-1031). While unfortunately that means this show’s acronym is STD, we’ll all have to learn to get over that. Some ointment should help.

Unfortunately, details on the show were scarce beyond the title. We still don’t know what Discovery is about, although Fuller confirmed to the crowd that unlike past, episodic Trek series, this new one would be more “like a novel,” which suits its streaming platform, CBS All Access. It should be interesting to see Trek put into a longform storytelling mode, especially if Fuller has a story worth telling in that format.

Fuller also had a message of uplift for the crowd in attendance. He said:

It seems like Fuller really gets Trek, and I’m very curious to see how he can bring the uplift the show requires with the conflict that’s heavy enough to demand a season-long story.

Fans were also treated to a look at the Discovery leaving spaceport, and it’s a fine looking ship. The design is pretty different than the other major ships we’ve seen. Unfortunately, its design doesn’t really tell us much about when this new Star Trek is taking place. It doesn’t looks ancient or anything, but if you told me that it’s from the same era as The Original Series, I could buy that. I could just as easily see it as a post-Voyager ship. So unfortunately, there are no clues there.

Thankfully, Star Trek Discovery arrives in January 2017, so hopefully we’ll find out more about the show in the near future.


Image via CBS