STAR TREK Images in High Resolution

     October 17, 2008

The other day Paramount finally lifted the veil of secrecy around J.J. Abrams “Star Trek” movie, as they released a bunch of exclusive images across cyberspace. This was done in conjunction with the Entertainment Weekly cover story (on newsstands now).

Between the images and all the info in the story, one could make the argument too much is now out there about the movie. Which is strange, because earlier this week, no one knew anything and everyone was complaining.

It’s funny what a few days can do.

Anyway, Paramount has just sent over high resolution images of all the exclusives, so I figured I’d post them all here in one place. Also, Ent. Weekly has a few other images that haven’t been seen yet…I’m posting two and you can click here for the rest.

I have to say, the more I see and learn, the more excited I am for the film. I so hope J.J. made a great Trek movie.

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