Edgar Wright Directed One Shot in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS

     May 9, 2013


Immensely talented filmmaker Edgar Wright sent the internets aflutter last month when he revealed that, in addition to The World’s End, he directed one shot in another summer movie.  Given that’s he’s set to direct Ant-Man for Marvel, many immediately jumped to the conclusion that the answer was Iron Man 3.  That didn’t last long, though, as Wright quickly followed up by confirming that he did not direct anything in the Iron Man sequel.

Well now Wright has finally come out with the answer, and it shouldn’t come as a major surprise given his close professional and personal relationship with Simon Pegg.  The Scott Pilgrim vs The World director revealed an image on Twitter today of him on the set of Star Trek Into Darkness, confirming that he did in fact direct one of the 2120 shots in J.J. Abrams’ sci-fi sequel.  He’s seen standing next to an IMAX camera so one presumes the scene in question is of the IMAX variety, and the surroundings should clue those who’ve seen the film in on which shot is Wright’s.  Hit the jump to take a look, and see Wright’s brief work on the big screen when Star Trek Into Darkness opens in IMAX 3D on May 15th and in 2D and 3D on May 16th.

Via Edgar Wright’s Twitter.

There are 2120 shots in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’. I directed one of them. Looking forward to seeing the other 2119.


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