7 Things the New ‘Star Trek’ TV Series Will Need

     July 30, 2016


(This was originally posted before the announcement of Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access, but the points are still valid.)

I’ve recently been re-enjoying episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation (on BBC of all channels).  And we constantly hear that old properties are being rebooted all the time, especially Star Wars.  Then it occurs to me that the (next) next generation of Star Trek, or Fourth Gen if you prefer, is going to happen eventually. It’s all but inevitable.  But what isn’t inevitable is whether any Fourth Gen will survive beyond the first season.  Enterprise and even The Original Series itself never made it beyond four seasons to the modern standard of seven. But these are some cogent suggestions to make sure the same doesn’t happen to Star Trek: The Fourth Generation, whatever form it may take, whenever it ever arrives.

Check out our suggestions for the new Star Trek TV series below, and for more on all things Star Trek, be sure to take a look at our recent coverage: