STAR TREK Previewed

     November 11, 2008

Written by Cal Kemp

England has seen “Star Trek”! Or, rather, 20 minutes of it. The good news? It sounds amazing. Reports are pouring in all over the internet, but seems to be gathering the details and delivering them right to the mouths of hungry Trek fans.

“Star Trek” is just about my favorite thing in the universe and I can’t begin to describe how excited/terrified I am that this movie will or won’t be fantastic. And then I worry that it will be fantastic but that no one will like it. Or that everyone will like it and it won’t be “Star Trek”. It’s a hard formula to get right but — from these descriptions — JJ Abrams may just pull it off.

Before I turn you loose to devour every detail yourself, let me just tell you what was shown and what bits have me geeking out; The audiences were treated to four scenes and the trailer. In the first, Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood) comes to Kirk (Chris Pine) in a bar and implores him to join Starfleet. In the second, McCoy (Karl Urban) sneaks Kirk aboard the Enterprise by infecting him with a virus. The third has Kirk and Scotty (Simon Pegg) meeting the future Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and the last one has Kirk and Sulu (John Cho) trying to stop a Romulan drilling operation.

There’s a million little fan details in just these twenty minutes including nods to Star Trek IV, Sulu’s fencing, dying redshirts, Cardassians, and, my favorite, a line from Scotty about a test transport “Didn’t work out so well for Admiral Archer’s beagle”. (Oh god! Poor Porthos!).

It sounds like there’s a distinct balance in the film between the “real world” (Kirk orders a Budweiser in the bar, he drives a classic car) and the sci-fi action of classic trek. I could point out that so did “I, Robot” but this sounds like it’s going to work. I’m really hoping that we get a “Batman Begins” type ending that teases us with Klingons for the sequel.

There’s a thousand things I still want answered but I know it’s gonna be May before I find out. In the meantime, I — for the first time — really feel like Abrams has all his bases covered. “Star Trek” is going to be amazing.

Head over to to soak in all the details and make your own predictions.

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