Michael B. Jordan Confirms STAR WARS Audition; Harrison Ford Uncertain about Han Solo Reprisal but Game for More INDIANA JONES

     October 10, 2013

michael b jordan star wars 7

Another day, another actor confirming he/she has auditioned for Star Wars.  At this point, J.J. Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy are canvassing Hollywood to put together their cast for Star Wars: Episode VII, and it’s hard to find any young actor or actress who wouldn’t be game to at least audition for a role.  Saoirse Ronan confirmed as much when she said that she went in for a part but “so has everyone,” and now Fruitvale Station star Michael B. Jordan has confirmed that he read for a role as well.

Additionally, Harrison Ford has chimed in about reprising two of his most famous characters, saying he hasn’t made a decision yet with regards to a Star Wars return but he’s eager to break out the whip for another go-around with Indiana Jones.  Hit the jump for more, including Jordan’s comments on him possibly starring in The Fantastic Four and Independence Day 2.

michael-b-jordan-star-wars-episode-7A rumored surfaced a few months ago that Michael B. Jordan was being eyed for a role in Star Wars: Episode VII, and while the actor likely has not received an official offer, he did confirm to Huffington Post that he auditioned for an unspecified part in Abrams’ sequel:

“I mean, everybody’s going in on this project. They’re trying to figure out what they want. That’s another incredible franchise. It’s pretty crazy! … We’ll see how it happens. I don’t know how I can do everything.”

The “everything” Jordan speaks of is the fact that he’s a very highly coveted actor fresh off the success of his strong work in Fruitvale Station.  A couple of weeks ago we learned that Jordan was being eyed for a role in Independence Day 2, and the actor told HuffPo that he’s a big fan of the original film, noting “that would be cool” if he got to star in the sequel.  Jordan is also in contention for the Human Torch role in Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot, and he added that he’s “definitely interested” in that project.

One actor that isn’t as enthusiastic about Star Wars is Harrison Ford, who is either playing the negotiations game or is just straight-up ambivalent about the film.  While it’s been widely reported that Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill are poised to reprise their roles from the original trilogy in Episode VII, Ford told Metro (via The Playlist) recently that he “has not quite made the choice” over whether to return for Abrams’ Star Wars pic.  Again, this could simply be more negotiations tactics or maybe he just really hasn’t made up his mind.

In the same interview, however, Ford seemed enthusiastic about returning as Indiana Jones for a fifth time:

“I would do [Indiana Jones 5] in a New York minute, yes. I don’t think there is any barrier to Indiana Jones being an old fart. I’m old enough that we don’t need (SeanConnery any more. I’m old enough to play my own father!’”

It’s nice to know that Ford is game for another Indy film, but Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have been less optimistic about the prospect of doing another.  Time will tell.


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