STAR WARS EPISODE 7 Rumors: Max Von Sydow’s Character, Daisy Ridley’s House, and the Return to a Familiar Location

     October 1, 2014


It’s been nearly two weeks since our last coverage of any Star Wars Episode 7 rumors, but don’t you fret because today we’ve got a new bundle of potential information regarding the highly anticipated film.  Production continues under the direction of J.J. Abrams over in London, and I have to say I’ve been pretty impressed with the way Lucasfilm and Disney have been handling the possible leaks and rumors thus far by not addressing them at all.  I want to go into the film as dark as possible, but in the internet age things are bound to get out.  However, given the flurry of rumors surrounding the project, it’s sometimes tough to suss out what could be true and what’s total BS.  Lucasfilm and Disney aren’t providing any direction one way or the other by just completely ignoring everything.

That said, today’s batch of rumors come from a reliable source and happen to be very non-spoilery.  If true, they only serve to make me more excited for this new Star Wars adventure.  Read on after the jump, but be aware that possible minor spoilers for the film may lie below.  Star Wars: Episode VII opens in theaters on December 16, 2016.

star-wars-episode-7-jj-abrams-alien-1Devin over at Badass Digest, who has been pretty on-point when it comes to Star Wars rumors thus far, has offered up a bit of a scoop roundup.  The most intriguing piece of information is in regards to the character played by Max von Sydow, who they claim plays a big role in setting the story in motion:

Remember that I told you the movie begins with the discovery of the lightsaber? Well, it isn’t Daisy Ridley who discovers it but rather a blue alien guy. He brings it to a salvage yard where Kira – that seems to be what Ridley’s character’s name is, or at least what they’re calling her on set – sees it. She’s hanging out there with von Sydow, who is an old cyborg dude, a guy who maybe has dementia. He talks a lot of nonsense. But as soon as that lightsbaber shows up, he gets lucid. He recognizes it. He begins to talk about the old days, name drops a couple of Prequel Trilogy characters, even. And then, after Kira and the alien leave he makes a call to a mysterious figure. “It’s here,” he says. But who is he calling?

star-wars-episode-7-mark-hamillThankfully, Devin refrains from going any further, and we’re left only knowing that Sydow’s character may be more knowledgable than he lets on.  As for Ridley’s character, Badass Digest’s sources tell them that she lives inside an abandoned AT-AT on the planet where Episode VII begins.  Additionally, BD claims that those previous set photos of the Millennium Falcon and X-Wing ships are from a portion of the film that takes place on Yavin IV at the Massassi Temple.

And finally, sources claim that some concept art shows Chewbacca with a cybernetic hand, presumably lost in an unseen battle, while other concept art shows him with both hands intact.  Not a huge piece of information, and it could change by the time the movie comes out, but Chewy with a robot hand is kind of a neat prospect.

Again, as with all unconfirmed rumors don’t take this as absolute fact (and even if it is true, further tweaks could be made during production or in post), but BD has been solid in the past so I’m inclined to believe this info.  Exciting stuff, folks!

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