‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ to Dominate IMAX for 4 Weeks

     August 26, 2015


We knew that Star Wars: The Force Awakens would be headed to IMAX, but the upcoming film will have the distinction of taking almost all IMAX screens for an unusually long time. According to THR, the movie will have all of IMAX’s North American screens and most of its foreign screens to itself when the film is released in mid-December, and it will keep them for at least four weeks.

IMAX typically doesn’t make these deals, and the last time they did was for the The Hobbit movies. However, Star Wars is money in the bank, especially since one scene of Force Awakens was shot in IMAX. It’s unknown how much money could go in that bank, but the film is expected to crush the earlier record set this year by Jurassic World, which pulled in $44.2 million worldwide from IMAX screens. If every IMAX screen has Star Wars and everyone wants to see Star Wars, it makes sense that Force Awakens could be the new record holder.


Image via Lucasfilm

The one downside to Force Awakens dominating IMAX and doing so for so long means that other movies get shut out. Spectre and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 have IMAX in November, and probably would have been on their way out by the time Force Awakens opened anyway. The one that really gets dinged is In the Heart of the Sea, which only gets a one-week engagement in IMAX before being booted out, which is a shame because Ron Howard’s seafaring film looks like it could really take advantage of the format. Also, fans who wanted to see the gorgeous cinematography of The Revenant in IMAX will have to wait until at least a week after it goes wide, and even then it’s possible Star Wars will keep its hold on all the IMAX screens if the film is a box office juggernaut. Emmanuel Lubezki’s gorgeous cinematography is insignificant next to the power of the Force.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens December 18th.

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Image via Disney/Lucasfilm

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