‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Wraps Filming without a Title

     February 15, 2019

star-wars-9-titleAs announced by director J.J. Abrams today on Twitter, Star Wars: Episode IX has wrapped principal photography. That means that, save for the likely reshoots to add or pad existing shots, the final film in the Skywalker Saga is all but in the can. Granted, Abrams & Co. still have just about 10 months to edit, finish and fold in what’s certain to be some extensive effects work, and maybe even come up with a title.

The latest Star Wars movie wrapped production just as parent company Disney announced its marketing event “Star Wars: Triple Force Friday.” Now while I personally think that would make for a fine title, because what does it really matter ultimately, that’s actually the name for the joint Star Wars/Frozen 2 retail launch this October. You can definitely expect a title before the fall launch date of these new products since leaks are an absolute certainty and I can’t imagine Disney wants the title of its saga-closing chapter to be revealed via a pack of bubblegum or Funko figure.

Here’s how Abrams broke the news, along with a picture of franchise stars Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac:

Boyega also shared his thoughts on the moment:

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