Jedi Council: How Will Rey Restart the Jedi Order?

     January 25, 2018

On an all new Collider Jedi Council, Ken Napzok, Perri Nemiroff and John Rocha discuss the following:

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi scored four Oscar nominations this year, but was Mark Hamill snubbed for Best Supporting Actor?
  • In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Reed Morano confirmed that she had a meeting with Kathleen Kennedy. Does this mean she’ll be directing a Star Wars film?
  • Rian Johnson took to his Twitter account to respond to questions about Luke’s use of The Force in the climax of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
  • Disney officially confirms the Star Wars: Rebels return date and Ian McDiarmid returning to voice Emperor Palpatine.
  • The Star Wars Show reveals new details about the Star Wars: The Last Jedi novel, which will include a Han Solo funeral.
  • The panel covers the events of Issue #23 of the Poe Dameron comic book.
  • Twitter Questions

Image via Lucasfilm