Watch Outtakes from Adam Driver’s ‘Star Wars’ SNL Sketch

     January 22, 2016

adam-driver-snl-undercover-boss-sliceLast week when Adam Driver hosted Saturday Night Live, the sketch that caught the most attention was, of course, Star Wars-related. Driver reprised his role as The Force Awakens character Kylo Ren for a spoof on the CBS series Undercover Boss, where Ren went “undercover” to get the real scoop on his Starkiller Base employees (and hilarity, naturally, ensued).

Now, SNL has released an outtakes / blooper reel from the sketch, and while some of the outtakes did deserve to be cut from the final product, it’s still a fun collection of goofs and additional content we didn’t see in the original video (my favorites are the notes on the “Keep Calm and Kill the Resistance” poster, and Driver’s terrifying laugh when Kylo Ren attempts to make a joke). Watch it for yourself below:

The references to General Hux made me think of the Emo Kylo Ren Twitter, all of which I’ve incorporated into my personal Star Wars canon (along with Very Lonely Luke). Driver is really at his funniest when he’s pretending to not be Kylo Ren with the employees (and, naturally, loses it). Also, I do not believe Kylo Ren would ever share a bathroom. More like Cry-Lo Ren, amirite?

But man, that radar technician Matt really sucks, doesn’t he? “Did a cousin get you this job?” Still, if you can’t get enough of Driver’s portrayal, you can possibly own your own Matt the technician action figure. SpankyStokes is reporting that a very limited run of figures will be available for about $65 each, and will likely come next week. It’s very clear that this 2BitHack toy is *not* a Kylo Ren action figure, so maybe Disney won’t come after them or Scott Tolleson — who collaborated — about it. It is hilarious, though. Check out the teaser image below:


Image via SpankyStokes


Image via Lucasfilm