‘Star Wars’: Carrie Fisher Gives Her Thoughts on Han and Leia’s Relationship Problems

     September 24, 2016


One of the best things about having new Star Wars movies back in our lives is that Carrie Fisher is back out doing interviews. When it comes to Disney, most actors are terrified to say anything that the Mouse House might frown upon, and that’s understandable (I mean it’s crazy, but it’s also just the movie climate we live in). However, Fisher has never been a shrinking violet, and isn’t ever afraid to say exactly what she thinks. Bless.

One of the biggest reveals in Star Wars: The Force Awakens wasn’t just that Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Princess/General Leia had a son, but that their relationship was past tense. That probably had some effect on the super, super emo Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), but that’s a discussion for another day. Still, it was a little heartbreaking to see than while Han and Leia clearly ‘ cared deeply about each other, they just couldn’t make a relationship work.

The Saskatoon Comic & Entertainer Expo, where Fisher was a headliner this year, posted a video on Facebook of Fisher giving her candid (as always) thoughts on why Han and Leia split up:


In the short montage, Fisher comments on Leia’s hairstyles, including the “baboon’s ass,” and jokes about the cast being sick of each other. Then she reveals why Han and Leia didn’t work (probably not canon, but, probably not that far off!)

“He smuggled way too much. And girls, I know you don’t want your husband smuggling, do you? [And] hanging out with the hairy guy too often. I think there are a lot of problems with that. He wouldn’t take me on that hyperspace thing enough… [that’s a] euphemism.”

She said that while she and Han had been together for a long time, it’s no excuse. “Hyperspace” never gets boring, but thankfully (she added) “they have robots for that.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Carrie Fisher!


Image via Disney/Lucasfilm


Image via Lucasfilm


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