November 30, 2013


This year, legions of Star Wars fans have lots to be thankful for, with Star Wars: Episode VII officially on the way.  An ambitious group of Australian fans and filmmakers decided that the wait for the December 18, 2015 release was too long (and far, far away), so they opted to make their own fan film instead.  Dubbed Star Wars Downunder, this short gives you an idea of what the original 1977 film would have looked like had George Lucas been born in Australia.  While the plot doesn’t focus on a rebellion bent on throwing off the shackles of imperialism or balancing the light and dark sides of the force, the characters fight for something even more important: beer.  Hit the jump to take a look.

Check out the trailer for writer-director Michael Cox’s Star Wars Downunder below, followed by the entire 30-minute fan film.  Make sure to turn the closed captions on, as they not only clear up the dialogue but also translate for those of us who don’t speak Australian.  Head over to the film’s site for much more:


The film tells the story of a lone Jedi: Merve Bushwacker (David Nicoll), returning home after a long absence. His mission? To partake in a refreshing beverage, known locally as amber fluid. On his arrival, he is dismayed to discover the planet has become as dry as a dead dingo′s donger, thanks to the tyrannical rule of Darth Drongo. Drongo has hoarded all the amber fluid in his impenetrable fortress “Dunny’s Deep” for reasons unknown. Can Merve, and a motley collection of unlikely allies band together to topple Drongo’s evil regime? Will liberty and amber fluid flow freely once more?


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