UNBROKEN Star Jack O’Connell Rumored for “Key Role” in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

     December 10, 2013


The Star Wars: Episode VII casting rumor mill has been so quiet for a few weeks that I was almost starting to miss it.  Today, it’s fired back up with an exciting possibility.  The latest actor rumored for a role in the movie is Jack O’Connell.  O’Connell is mostly unknown to American audiences, but after seeing his work in Starred Up at TIFF, he’s definitely an actor to watch.  He’s magnetic, charismatic, and could be on the verge of a big breakthrough when he stars in Angelina Jolie‘s adaptation of the bestselling book, Unbroken, which opens next Christmas.

Hit the jump for more on how O’Connell might be headed to a galaxy far, far away.

According to Bleeding Cool, “two very dependable voices” say that O’Connell is up for a “key role”.  Perhaps it’s the role that was mentioned in the open casting call:

SEEKING: Young Man to Play 19 – 23 Years Old.  Must be handsome, smart, and Athletic.  MUST BE OVER 18

THOMAS – Has grown up without a father’s influence.  Without the model of being a man, he doesn’t have the strongest sense of himself, despite this he is smart, capable, and shows courage when it is needed.  He can appreciate the absurdities of life and understands you can’t take life too seriously.

Obviously, a role in the latest Star Wars movie will be huge for any rising star, and if it’s a good fit for O’Connell, I hope he gets the role.  He’ll next be seen in 300: Rise of an Empire, which opens in March.


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