Rumor: Is STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Looking for a Wookie?

     September 23, 2013


We’ve been so caught up in wondering about the actors who might be in Star Wars: Episode VII that we’ve completely overlooked the multitude of alien races that might be in the film.  One of the more appealing aspects of Star Wars is that the heroes aren’t all human, and perhaps Episode VII will continue that tradition.  Den of Geek has reportedly found a casting call put out by “Walt Disney Pictures/LucasFilm/Bad Robot” for a:

“Male, 7 ft to 7.3 ft tall with a slim/thin build and upright posture. Not too worked out or too ‘thick set’ especially in the shoulders. Broad facial features would be a bonus”.

Den of Geek believes that because Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew is 7′ 3″ tall, the production could be looking to cast an actor to play a wookie.  Of course, assuming this casting call is even legit, we don’t know if it’s a wookie or perhaps some other tall alien.  And what if they’re looking for someone to actually play Chewbacca and replace the 69-year-old Mayhew?  Speculate away in the comments section.

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