STAR WARS: EPISODE I – THE PHANTON MENACE 3D Theatrical Re-Release Set for February 2012

     September 29, 2010


Yesterday, we reported on the news that George Lucas is planning a 3D theatrical re-release for all six Star Wars films starting in early 2012.  Now, we have more of an idea for when The Phantom Menace will re-hit theaters.  THR reports that Lucas is eying a 2012 February release date for the film.  There isn’t a specific date set yet, but I’m going to guess that Lucas will choose the Friday before President’s Day weekend (February 17th).

An early 2012 release date ensures the film will be have an open run at the box office. This is Lucas we are talking about, so this will also allow the director the opportunity to sell merchandise throughout the rest of the year.  If The Phantom Menace earns enough money at the box office, Lucas will release each subsequent Star Wars film at the same time each year for the next five years.  As of right now, Ghost Rider 2 is the only other film set to open in February 2012.

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