Time Lists the Top 10 STAR WARS Fan Films; Watch Most of Them Here

     August 24, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, Time asked Star Wars fans to nominate their favorite Star Wars fan films.  Well the results have been tallied and the list is now up along with a 5-minute video featuring short interviews with some of the filmmakers.  Here is the list:

  1. 1.) Troops
  2. 2.) Ryan vs. Dorkman 2
  3. 3.) I.M.P.S. – The Relentless
  4. 4.) Pink Five
  5. 6.) Hardware Wars
  6. 7.) Duality
  7. 8.) Sith Apprentice
  8. 9.) Jedi Hunter
  9. 10.) Star Wars Retold

(The reason there is no number “5” is due to Time’s error, not ours.)  Although I don’t usually pay attention to fan fiction, I have always loved Troops and I have fond memories of Hardware Wars from when I was a kid.  I also find Star Wars Retold to be highly amusing (and informative).  Hit the jump to see Time’s video and all the fan films.  You can see Time’s video along with the top “10” after the jump.

1.) Troops

2.) Ryan vs. Dorkman 2

3.) I.M.P.S. – The Relentless (Chapter 1 Davenport Gateway Part 1)

4.) Pink Five (embedding disabled by request)

6.) Hardware Wars (Part 1)

7.) Duality

8.) Sith Apprentice

9.) Jedi Hunter

10.) Star Wars Retold



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