STAR WARS Fans Unite to Build Full-Scale Millennium Falcon – Don’t Worry, She’ll Hold Together

     December 5, 2012


“You’ve never heard of the Millennium Falcon? It’s the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs!” Star Wars fans will recognize the floating hunk of junk above as Han Solo’s notoriously fickle freighter, but an ambitious group of builders are out to bring a full-scale version to life. It’s likely going to take quite a few years to get this project off the ground (so to speak) and it will unfortunately never fly. But the builders have a plan to turn the effort into a working summer camp of sorts for students to learn welding, architecture, electronics and so on. Perhaps by the time the new Star Wars sequels have run their course, the Millennium Falcon will be open and ready to smuggle visitors to fantasy land. Hit the jump to watch a video that shows the work in progress.

The following video shows the founder and one of the builders for the Full Scale Falcon project (via BBC). Another video shows the detailed 3D model the builders are using to aid in their construction. And if you want to see how much detailed information already exists for the fictional Falcon, check out the Wookieepedia page here. Where these guys are going to get a Koensayr TLB power converter or a Novaldex stasis-type shield generator, I have no idea. Who’s going to one-up them and build a full-scale Imperial-class Star Destroyer next?

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