Galaxy’s Edge: Everything You Need to Know About Building Your Custom Lightsaber

     June 1, 2019

In Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland’s newest land that’s dedicated to all things Star Wars, you’re transported to the Black Spire Outpost, and from the moment that you step onto the planet of Batuu, you become an active participant in the experience, creating and crafting your own narrative where you can be a part of the Resistance or the First Order. And while you’re there, you can experience the food and specialty drinks in any of the five locations, as well as shop the nine locations where you can buy unique wares, “handmade” toys and interactive creatures.

The Black Spire Outpost also includes items to splurge on, one of the most popular being a handbuilt lightsaber that you can pick up at Savi’s Workshop for $200 (plus tax). Yes, that is a hefty price tag for many, but it does also come with an immersive and unforgettable retail experience like no other, as you select your own weapon of choice that has been a part of the Star Wars lore since the very beginning.

star-wars-galaxys-edge-lightsabersThere is an air of secrecy to it all, so as not to attraction the attention of the First Order, and you cannot actually step foot inside of the workshop that resembles a junkyard scrap shop that’s packed with unusual parts and pieces collected from the far reaches of the galaxy, unless you are purchasing some “salvaged scrap metal.” When you do make the choice to proceed, there are three build shows per hour with up to 28 people per show (or 14 builders, plus one guest), for which a group knows as the Gatherers ushers guests in and guides them in making their selections for their one-of-a-kind lightsaber.

Guests at Savi’s must pick from one of four lightsaber themes, which are Peace and Justice (utilizes salvaged scraps of fallen Jedi temples and crashed starships in Republic-era designs), Power and Control (originally forged by warriors from the dark side), Elemental Nature (from special components born from the Force), and Protection and Defense (reconnect the wielder with the ancient wellspring of the Force). With your theme set and wearing the pin that you’re given to represent that theme, the Gatherers will give a hands-on tutorial on how to build a lightsaber and all are encouraged to practice, before finally entering the workshop itself.

Once you’re finally inside and you take your place around the worktable, you are fully ready to become the hero at the center of your own Star Wars story, where you can use the Force to fight against the First Order. With your custom lightsaber assembled and your kyber crystal (in blue, green, red or purple) to help you power it selected, all that’s left is for you to light it up, and then you’re ready to train for battle or just play around with your friends.

So, while it is a hefty price tag that has to be a personal decision for every guest, you also get an accompanying experience like no other that will give you a lasting memory from your visit to Batuu.

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