Over 25 New Things to Know about ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’, Disney’s Upcoming Attraction

     May 31, 2018


Last year, Dave Trumbore visited Disney’s Galactic Nights where he saw a presentation on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and you can click here to read his write-up of everything he saw and learned about the upcoming attraction. For those who are unfamiliar with Galaxy’s Edge, the new attraction will take you inside the world of Star Wars with your own story and missions rather than just an open park where you wander around to various shops and rides.

Disney just held another Galactic Nights event at Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, and this time I headed down to learn about the progress they’ve made in the past five months on Galaxy’s Edge. Some of this will be reiterated since not everyone (myself included) attended the panel back in December, but there’s also new information about characters you’ll encounter, ships you’ll see, and much more.

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    Image via Disney

    The action takes place on the new planet of Batuu.

  • Specifically, it will be at a remote frontier outpost that has become a perfect place for the underworld and also a spaceport.
  • You will find your Star Wars Story as you walk through the attraction.
  • You don’t have to worry—a full-sized Millennium Falcon will be docked at the spaceport.
  • You will be behind the controls of the Millennium Falcon in one of the stories! It’s described as an “anchor attraction” for the new park.
  • Another anchor attraction puts you in a battle between First Order and Resistance forces.
  • This is the largest land expansion they’ve ever done.
  • Galaxy’s Edge is progressing rapidly in its 14 acre development.
  • Globally, there are about 5,000 people working on all aspects of building up Galaxy’s Edge, from constructing vehicles to props to set design and more.
  • It’s actually not that tough to get people to pitch in. As one of the panelists noted, when Disney calls about Star Wars, people tend to answer.
  • They made Galaxy’s Edge content alongside the movie production in the UK, so you’re looking at film-accurate reproductions and detailing when you visit the park.
  • They’ve been working with fabrication shops and experts getting things built to size and scale.
  • They’re also building full-size AT-ATs. That’s right—plural. And these things promise to be imposing and intimidating (just don’t go for the legs).
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    Image via Disney

    The accuracy and level of detail on everything is unprecedented. It’s practical size and to scale, which is an even bigger deal than the movies because there’s no way to cheat a 360-degree experience. It has to look real from every angle.

  • Like any good Star Wars story, not everything is going to go according to plan on your mission.
  • There will be another ship in addition to the Millennium Falcon, a Resistance troop transport.
  • There’s more than two ships at Galaxy’s Edge, but you can take a journey on the transport ship.
  • A special character will join you on your adventure, so they’re bringing back Nien Nunb, who was previously in Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.
  • They travelled to Kenya to get the original Nien Nunb voice actor to record new lines.
  • The challenge is doing it as well as the fans when it comes to care and accuracy.
  • People went shopping over the globe to get the proper props and set dressings.
  • The shopping market will have a creature stall and you might even get to take one home. For example, you might get to take home a loth-cat.
  • These characters have never existed before outside the books and animated series, and now they’re going to be brought to life.
  • They want to make it feel like a real location.
  • The specific village you’ll be visiting is Black Spire Outpost.
  • They imagined there used to be mammoth trees and then those trees petrified and became rock. There’s on central spite that was unique and blacker and became a waypoint for criminals. This is where your adventure begins.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge arrives at Disneyland Resort in summer 2019 and at Walt Disney World in fall 2019.

Watch the full Galaxy’s Edge presentation from Galactic Nights below and check out images that were shown during the presentation:

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