A Third Live-Action ‘Star Wars’ Series Is Coming to Disney+, Says Bob Iger

     May 14, 2019

Hope you didn’t think that “hiatus” from Star Wars meant Disney wasn’t going to continue to go balls-in on making Star Wars stuff, because whoops, there’s a ton more Star Wars coming right at your dome. There will be a three-year gap between J.J. AbramsThe Rise of Skywalker and whatever the two dinguses in charge of Game of Thrones can cook up, but in the meantime, the streaming service Disney+ is going all-in on the live-action Star Wars series business. Two of them we knew about—Jon Favreau‘s The Mandalorian and a prequel to Rogue One starring Diego Luna—but there is also, apparently, a mystery third series at some stage of development, according to Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Speaking during the MoffetNathanson Media & Communications Summit, Iger told the crowd there is “at least one more” series planned to hit Disney+ before 2022 [h/t Slashfilm].


Image via LucasFIlms

“In the interim, we are producing two live-action Star Wars series for Disney+. One of them is called The Mandalorian, which is being supervised by Jon Favreau, and the other one is a bit of a prequel to Rogue One. My guess is there will probably be one more, at least one more, live-action series that we produce for Disney+, meaning a Star Wars series, before we release the next film.”

Now, this isn’t exactly a confirmation. It’s funny that Iger is basically like, “we have so much money, sure, we’ll probably make another Star War. Why the fuck not, right?” But if anyone has an idea of the general direction Disney+ is heading, it would be Iger. I suppose we’ll find out around the time Disney+ launches on November 12, 2019. In the meantime, let’s speculate wildly about what this could be. Personally, I only have three words: Watto. Origin. Story.

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