Bounty Hunters Not Named “Boba Fett” Get Their Due in New Mondo STAR WARS Posters

     September 17, 2010


Mondo’s Star Wars poster series continues and in their latest installment they’re showing love to bounty hunters who don’t have a jetpack.  On Tuesday, Mondo (which is part of the amazing Austin, Texas movie theater the Alamo Drafthouse) will be selling three character banners created by artist Ken Taylor featuring bounty hunters Bossk, IG-88, and Zuckuss.  If you can only afford one, I highly recommend you buy the “Zuckuss” one simply so you can keep asking your mailman if they brought the Zuckuss.

Hit the jump to check out all three banners.  The posters are 12×36, limited to 425 each, and go on sale on Mondo’s official website at a random time on Tuesday, September 21st.  Follow their official twitter feed, @MondoNews, for the announcement of what time they’ll be available.

Posters via JoBlo.  Click on a banner to embiggen.





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