Mondo Releases First STAR WARS Poster of New Poster Series

     June 25, 2010

Your average movie fan gets the teaser or theatrical poster for their favorite movie. Nothing wrong with that. But the die hards shop at a store like Mondo, which sells limited edition prints of movie-related work by brilliant artists. A couple weeks ago, we reported that they had acquired a license to print Star Trek related work and released a very cool poster based on the episode “Space Seed”. Now they have released the first poster in a series for Star Wars.

Hit the jump to check out “Scrap Yard Power Droid” by Jeff Soto along with a quote about the print series from Mondo Creative Director Justin Ishmael.  Click here to go buy the poster. The screen prints are 24″x36″, hand-numbered, and cost $50. They’re also a limited edition of 350 so if you want it, get it now.

Click on the poster to see a larger version.

Here’s what Ishmael said about the series:

We made it a point to spread the love around the ORIGINAL TRILOGY universe and not just do a bunch of prints of the more popular characters like Vader or Luke. Like with Gonk, we will be doing art prints of famous scenes and favorite characters as well as straight movie posters for NEW HOPE, EMPIRE AND RETURN OF THE JEDI. I feel like myself and my cohorts at Mondo are true fans, so hopefully, we’ll bring everyone things they really want from the STAR WARS canon.

We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on these. Judging by this first poster, we have a lot to look forward to with this series. I’m crossing my fingers for a Jawa-based poster.


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