Watch: ‘Star Wars’ Music Performed A Cappella by Cast, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots

     December 16, 2015


Now that Star Wars: The Force Awakens has premiered for critics, the general public would do well to avoid social media as long as possible before they can see the film for themselves. (If you’re so inclined, you can check out the first reactions and our own Matt Goldberg’s review here.) With that in mind, we bring you a totally spoiler-free bit of Star Wars fun today, courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In a fun mash-up that’s inspired in part by the montage made famous by The Brady Bunch, the cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens joins Fallon and studio band The Roots in a rousing rendition of Star Wars music. It may sound a little cheesy, but this was surprisingly well done. Not only is the medley composed in such a way as to feature bits and pieces of your favorite movie tunes from the franchise, the visual gags are also delightful. You can tell they had fun with this video since the reveal of certain cast members singing along to their chosen music is just spot on. You might even find some familiar Droids pitching in.

Watch the cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens sing some of John Williams’ most recognizable Star Wars music a cappella on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Roots below:

And for a bonus track, here are Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver showing off their vocal skills in a clip from Inside Llewyn Davis, just for fun:

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