‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 2 Trailer: Vader Begins His Reign of Terror

     October 8, 2015


Disney XD unveiled a new, extended trailer for Season 2 of the animated series Star Wars Rebels today at New York Comic-Con, and it’s exciting stuff. Created by Simon Kinberg and Dave Filoni, the series takes place five years before the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, when the Rebel Alliance is still a small, secretive grass roots campaign and the Empire is still very much in control. We saw that control waver at the end of the show’s first season, and this new trailer for the upcoming episodes teases plenty of twists and turns to be found.

The most prominent connection to the films here is Darth Vader, with James Earl Jones reprising his voice role to bring the classic villain to life once more. But he’s not the only character returning to the Star Wars fold. Rebels is also bringing Captain Rex from The Clone Wars into the mix, as well as a few other recognizable names and faces. Star Wars Rebels was the first piece of new-canon material of the Kathleen Kennedy-led Lucasfilm age, and indeed this trailer drops a “Clan of Ren” reference that should pique the interest of those who’ve been paying close attention to Star Wars: The Force Awakens developments.

Check out the new trailer below, followed by a new clip, click here for 20 things to know about the upcoming season, and click here for my review of this summer’s hourlong special Siege of Lothal. Star Wars Rebels returns to Disney XD on October 14th.


Image via Disney XD