‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Video Recap Show: All About Ketsu

     November 19, 2015


On this episode of Collider Star Wars: Rebels Recap Show, hosts John Campea, Kristian Harloff and David Griffin discuss what they enjoyed most about episode 6, titled ”Blood Sisters”. The hosts discuss all things Star Wars: Rebels, and recap episode 6 of Star Wars: Rebels season 2. Where will the show go? what fate do our heroes have?

‘Blood Sisters’ is all about unlocking Sabine’s shrouded past as we are introduced to a former partner of hers named Ketsu. Interestingly enough, both women come from the Imperial Academy where they both escaped as youngsters. Each of them may have chosen a different path after their ordeal as children, but both possess a strength and will to survive that is undeniable.


Image via Disney XD

Ketsu, who is voiced by veteran actress Gina Torres (Firefly) has turned to a life of crime and is now under the employ of the Black Sun criminal empire. She is cold and calculating, but you can tell that she still cares for Sabine underneath all of that anger. By the episode’s end, it’s unclear whether we’ll see the lovely bounty hunter again, but our guess is that it will only be a matter of time.

Looking ahead, the Rebels Recap team speculates that we may see a familiar Jedi Master before the season concludes. Obi-Wan (Old Ben) Kenobi may get a visit from our Rebel friends on his new home planet of Tatooine. We also want to know what Ahsoka has been up to. In a previous episode, she said that she needed questions answered, but where did she go? Find out more about what we thought of this latest outing of Rebels in our recap show.

Star Wars Rebels is a weekly show taking place a few years before the time of Episode IV and the lead up to the Rebel Alliance. The show follows the crew of Kanan, Hera, Ezra, Zeb, and Sabine as they battle their way across the galaxy against the Evil Empire.


Image via DisneyXD