Lost Footage from RETURN OF THE JEDI Laserdisc Reveals Alternate Takes and Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Yoda’s Death Scene

     October 28, 2013


For all of the special features that came loaded on to the Blu-ray release for Star Wars, it wasn’t everything.  For those of you not old to remember Laserdiscs, they were pretty much gigantic CDs, and they never really took off due to how expensive they and the players were.  But they still remain among collectors, and they’re surprisingly durable.  Star Wars fan “rotjeditdroid” picked up a Laserdisc created by Lucasfilm to show off their EditDroid station, a digital editing station created almost 30 years ago.  This Laserdisc was loaded with Star Wars clips, and rotjeditdroid shelled out $699 on eBay for the item.  He/she is now uploading the clips from Return of the Jedi piecemeal to his/her Facebook page, and they reveal an interesting alternate takes and behind-the-scenes footage from Yoda’s death scene.  More footage is supposedly on the way, and rotjeditdroid is claiming the posts are protected by Fair Use, but Fair Use is very hazy, and Lucasfilm could still take this down.

Hit the jump to check out the clips while you can, and click here for some previously unseen bloopers from Star Wars: A New Hope.

Via The Verge and rotjeditdroid.


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