Watch: “Science and Star Wars” Videos Experiment with Real-World Droids and Lightsabers

     September 27, 2017


Disney and Lucasfilm have released a new digital series on Facebook that’s decidedly different from a lot of the other Star Wars marketing you’ll see out there. “Science and Star Wars” explores how close real-world science has come to our favorite Star Wars technology. That technology includes an exploration of the closest thing we have to lightsabers in the real world, and a look at artificially intelligent robots to see how close they come to the Droids in a galaxy far, far away.

Over the course of 10 episodes, host Anthony Carboni and his rotating roster of scientific experts and celeb guests will experiment with technology that isn’t actually so far, far away anymore (Also on deck: Jedi mind control). This very cool peek behind the scenes of incredible real-world science and technology connects Star Wars fans and enthusiasts in a new and exciting way. Who knows, if you get hooked on “Science and Star Wars“, you might even find yourself working on the cutting-edge of sci-fi tech before long!

Check out the “Science and Star Wars” videos below:

A new “Science and Star Wars” video is up on Facebook as well. This one answers the question: Are helper droids like R2D2 and BB8 in our not-so-distant future? This ‘droid’ episode features:

  • Robonaut – a robot astronaut: Meet a droid whose purpose will be to one day command spaceships with no humans on board.

  • Star Wars droid builders construct a droid: Michael McMaster, Mike Senna, two of the real-life engineers who help Disney and Lucasfilm build and maintain the droids from the film, create a smart robot who answers Star Wars trivia intelligently.

Over the course the next eight episodes, the series will continue to explore science fantasy, science fact, and the gray area in between. Fans can catch this and future episodes exclusively on the Star Wars official Facebook page.


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