‘Star Wars’: Snoke’s Backstory Does Exist, Says Andy Serkis

     March 6, 2018


One of the biggest points of contention in Star Wars: The Last Jedi — a movie already fraught with fandom controversy — was the fate of Supreme Leader Snoke, a CG character played by the immensely talented Andy Serkis. When he was first teased, it seemed like he could be a game-changer in the Star Wars canon and a major player on the Dark Side. But it turned out to be a bait-and-switch, as Rey and Kylo Ren defeated him and his goons early in the movie, setting up (ultimately) Kylo seeming to give himself over fully to the Dark Side (although this particular act was one of his most conflicted moments).

Plenty of fans were pissed, to put it indelicately, feeling like the whole character had just been a massive trolling. But in an interview with EW, Serkis revealed that there was actually a lot of discussion about Snoke and his backstory, which could be used for future stories:


Image via Lucasfilm

We wanted him to have a great deal of mystery, but we did … J.J. [Abrams] and I discussed it, and Rian [Johnson] and I did discuss backstories to him, where he came from. I’ve been asked to not shed anything, should we want to bring him back in any way whether [in a] prequel or whatever. I think there’s something cool about that. It still does remain a mystery for people. I know that some people find it incredibly frustrating, but I think it allows for further exploration and layering at a further point.

Serkis also revealed that he would say Snoke is “a couple of hundred years old” at the time of The Last Jedi. But Serkis also clarified those first statements about Snoke’s inclusion in other movies:

Yeah, I would love to think that there is room for him to come back. I think anything’s possible in a Star Wars movie. I’d be all up for it. I think there’s a lot more to be had from the character for sure, but I’m not in discussions with anybody at all about it.


Image via Lucasfilm

Whether or not you see that as walking back the earlier quote or that he thinks we have genuinely seen the end of movie Snoke is up to you and your own theories. But, Serkis also shed a little more light on the Supreme Leader’s character in general, saying:

I played him as incredibly threatened by this female, which he’s not used to or doesn’t understand. He completely underestimates Rey, obviously, but he can sense that there’s a strength there that certainly Kylo Ren doesn’t have. I would say he’s pretty misogynistic in that respect. Interestingly. For our time.

A good lesson for all — underestimate ladies at your peril, gentlemen.

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