Second STAR WARS Spinoff Will Focus on Boba Fett

     May 4, 2015


The next Star Wars spinoff film will focus on the origin story of beloved bounty hunter Boba Fett.  According to The Wrap, while Gareth EdwardsStar Wars Anthology: Rogue One will delve into the world of rebel fighters, the second Star Wars spinoff is about bounty hunters.

Last week, Chronicle director Josh Trank left the film, and while he claimed in a statement that it was a personal decision, insiders say Disney was concerned that Trank showed “erratic behavior” during the production of his new film Fantastic Four. Personally, I thought giving Trank a Star Wars film based solely on Chronicle seemed like a huge show of trust, and Disney and Lucasfilm moved a little too fast on choosing him. This is opposed to Edwards, who had a huge hit with Godzilla before being hired to direct the first Star Wars spinoff.


Image via Lucasfilm

According to The Wrap, Disney and Lucasfilm have begun hunting for a new director for the second Star Wars spinoff, and may land someone before filming on Rogue One begins this summer.

I’m hoping they get someone really interesting because I couldn’t care less about Boba Fett. It’s only one step better than a Han Solo origin story. We already know Boba Fett’s childhood involved him being a brat who got sad when he held his dad’s severed head in a moment of unintended hilarity. The time from that moment until we meet him in The Empire Strikes Back is a mystery, and it should stay that way.

I’ve never understood fans’ fascination with Boba Fett. He has a jetpack and some other nifty gadgets. Then a half-blind guy comically knocks him into a Sarlacc pit where he’s digested for several thousand years. The only thing Boba Fett has going for him is he’s a man of mystery, and now we’ll lose that too. This is the straight up pandering I was worried about when it came to the Star Wars spinoffs, and I guess we’ll have to take the good with the bad. The good is expanding the world of Star Wars and showing us the cool stuff that happened in between. The bad is telling us how Boba Fett picked up a jetpack.


Image via Lucasfilm

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