‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Breaks Monday Box Office Record; Now at $610.8 Million Total

     December 22, 2015


The box office juggernaut that is Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just getting started. After breaking a slew of opening weekend records—including smashing Jurassic World’s domestic and global records—the film has now surpassed another major milestone: the biggest Monday domestic gross ever. Quite interestingly, this is a box office record that’s been around for a long time. Spider-Man 2 hit $27.7 million the Monday after its release, setting a record that would stand for over a decade. But now Star Wars has appropriately blown that total out of the water by a margin of 44% with a Monday domestic gross of $40.1 million. If Spider-Man 2 held onto that record for 11 years, think of how long it’s gonna take another film to surpass this total.

Internationally, The Force Awakens continues to do excellent business. It added $41.7 million globally on Monday, bringing its international total to $322.7 million—and that’s before it’s even opened in China, a key market for a film of this nature. Add to that the film’s $288.1 million domestic haul, and the movie now stands at a worldwide total of an astounding $610.8 million.


Image via Lucasfilm

So where does that put Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the scope of things? Well right now its worldwide total—mere days after release, mind you—is good enough for the 101 position on the all-time worldwide chart, just above Mamma Mia! and just below The Passion of the Christ. Domestically it currently sits at the 68th position, sandwiched between Home Alone and Monsters, Inc. How high will this thing go? Honestly, Avatar’s domestic total of $760.5 million seems like a real possibility. At the very least it’ll unseat #3 Jurassic World, which stands at $652.2 million domestic. On the worldwide chart, the only two films to ever cross $2 billion are Avatar and Titanic. Can Star Wars: The Force Awakens get there? We’ll know more after we see how the film fares in its second and third weeks in release, but I wouldn’t rule it out given the dearth of “event films” in January.

Stay tuned for more box office shenanigans, folks. And if you want more Star Wars: The Force Awakens coverage, peruse our recent links below.


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