Find Out What Jessica Chastain Thought About the STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Teaser Trailer; Oscar Isaac Says He Hasn’t Seen Any Other Footage

     January 7, 2015


Oscar Isaac is having quite the year.  Not only is he receiving high praise for his work in J.C. Chandor’s latest, A Most Violent Year, but, of course, he’s also got a little something called Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out on December 18th.

The day after Isaac nabbed the National Board of Review’s best actor award and his A Most Violent Year co-star, Jessica Chastain, snagged the best supporting actress title, I got the opportunity to sit down with the pair to discuss that movie and also got to talk a little Star Wars, too.  Find out what Chastain thought of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer after the jump.

a-most-violent-year-oscar-isaac-jessica-chastainAssuming just about everyone is asking Isaac about Episode VII, I opted to get Chastain’s thoughts on the film’s first teaser trailer instead:

 “I loved it.  I’ve probably watched it 12 times, maybe?”

And I’m right there with her.  Even though I’m dying to see as much footage as possible, thanks to the way the piece was cut and the fact that all 11 shots are particularly exciting, rich visuals, you really can’t help but to watch it over and over again.  Isaac agreed:

“It’s like potato chips.  You know, you can’t just do one.”

Chastain also joked about getting an early look at the full feature:

“I’ve been waiting for my invitation to go to an advanced screening.  I used to get invited when Oscar was in a movie.  We went to our friend Scott Burns’ house and we went into the living room and like, watched on a DVD his movie before it came out, so I’m waiting for him to extend the invitation.”

Isaac told her, “it’s coming,” and pointed out that they just finished filming two months ago.  Isaac also noted that the footage in the teaser trailer is the only footage he’s seen thus far.  That’ll have to change when he jumps into ADR for film, but at this point, he hasn’t done any.

You can catch the whole Star Wars: The Force Awakens conversation in the video clip below and be sure to keep an eye out for my full interview with Isaac and Chastain on A Most Violent year coming soon.

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