STAR WARS: UNDERWORLD: Ronald D. Moore Recounts Arguing with George Lucas

     April 9, 2015


We’ve known that things weren’t looking good for that Star Wars TV show, Star Wars: Underworld, for quite a while now, but with The Force Awakens and more new films on the way, could those 50 scripts George Lucas wrote with a team of writers years ago come back into play? According to Ronald D. Moore who was on that team, there’s no plans to use the material as far as he knows.

While promoting his latest show, Starz’s adaptation of Outlander, he said the following about the status of the project:

“I have no idea. The entire Star Wars things got sold to Disney so it’s over in the house of the mouse and whatever they want to do with that is what they’re gonna do with it and I’ve heard nothing so I don’t know.”


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Even though it doesn’t seem like Disney and Lucasfilm will use Moore’s work anytime soon – if ever – he insisted, it was still one heck of an experience:

“Trust me, one of the great experiences of my life was sitting in a room with George Lucas and arguing about Darth Vader … It was like, ‘What would he say in this circumstance?’ And you find yourself, you’re sitting there going, ‘No! What are you talking about? He can’t say that,’ and then you catch yourself and you’re like, ‘What the fuck am I doing? I’m telling George …’ It’s like, how crazy is this? But he was a good sport about it and he was just like, ‘Alright. Fine.’ He’s like, ’No he won’t.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, then no he won’t.’”

Even though Star Wars: Underworld isn’t taking off, there was a recent rumor claiming that there’s a live-action Star Wars TV show in the works that would shoot at Pinewood Studios in London using the same sets as the movies. There’s been no official word that this is actually happening so I wouldn’t take it to heart just yet, but with the success of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a live-action TV show does seem like a very logical next step.

While we wait for more information on that, check out the video clip of Moore talking about his Darth Vader arguments with Lucas below. We’ll have more from Moore on Outlander soon.



Poster via Lucasfilm