Exclusive Video: ‘Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy’ Author Visits Rancho Obi Wan

     July 1, 2019

We at Collider are happy to share with our readers an exclusive look at the upcoming Insight Editions book Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy. The book covers everything from the Clone Wars to the battle on Crait as it takes fans inside the world of Star Wars in a wholly unique way. Iconic moments from the entire saga are rendered as ingenious pop-up creations, forming five different 3D dioramas and packed with hidden surprises to discover.

The book was written and created by Matthew Reinhart, with illustrations by Kevin M. Wilson, and in the video above—provided by Insight Editions—Reinhart visits Steve Sansweet’s Rancho Obi Wan in Petaluma, California to give him a preview of the book. Rancho Obi Wan is the largest private Star Wars collection in the world, and you’ll get a taste of what Sansweet has in his possession in the video above. You’ll also get a great look at the book’s full map, which you can see in closer detail in the image below.

Check out the preview in the video above, and pick up your own copy of Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy when it’s released on October 8, 2019. For more on the book and to pre-order, click here.


Image via Insight Editions


Image via Insight Editions

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