Fan-Made Feature Length STAR WARS UNCUT Movie Now Streaming

     January 25, 2012


If you’re tired of seeing Star Wars re-released with nothing other than out-of-place digital creatures or gimmicky 3D, then perhaps Star Wars Uncut is more your cup of tea. Amateur filmmakers from around the world recreated their own version of George Lucas’ 1977 classic film Star Wars: A New Hope in uniquely conceived 15-second clips. After tons of submissions poured in, Casey Pugh and the team at painstakingly spliced together their favorite interpretations to make a feature-length Director’s Cut. The project won a 2010 Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media and the individual clips had been available on their website. Recently, Pugh made the director’s cut available to stream in its entirety. Hit the jump to check it out (before a team of intergalactic lawyers descends).

The sections range in interpretations from hand-drawn animations to cutting edge computer-generated visuals, as well as live-action scenes. They’re certainly quirky, such as Darth Vader being replaced by a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label that drains and refills as he breathes, to which Princess Leia replies, “The Imperial Senate will not distill for this.” Other sections are downright odd, as in a list of kitchen appliances replacing the pilots of the x-wing attack squadron. Here’s what the full film looks like (via MovieViral):

star-wars-uncut-attack-runAnd here is what Uncut had to say about their effort:

In 2009, Casey Pugh asked thousands of Internet users to remake “Star Wars: A New Hope” into a fan film, 15 seconds at a time. Contributors were allowed to recreate scenes from Star Wars however they wanted. Within just a few months SWU grew into a wild success. The creativity that poured into the project was unimaginable.

SWU has been featured in documentaries, news features and conferences around the world for its unique appeal. In 2010 we won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media.

Finally, the crowd-sourced project has been stitched together and put online for your streaming pleasure. The “Director’s Cut” is a feature-length film that contains hand-picked scenes from the entire collection.

Many thanks to Aaron Valdez (video editor – and Bryan Pugh (sound design/mixing – for the countless hours they put into this masterpiece.

We can’t thank everyone enough for making this such a special project.

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We even have a theme song by Adam WarRock!

Video also available on Vimeo:


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