Volkswagen Combines Dogs and STAR WARS in New Commercial to Create Awesomeness by Way of “The Bark Side”

     January 20, 2012

I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve been won over by a commercial for a commercial. One of the most memorable—and best—commercials last year was Volkswagen’s “Mini Darth Vader”, which combined the cuteness of children and the power of The Force to create an adorable Star Wars nod. Volkswagen has gone Star Wars again this year, and they’ve released a trailer for their upcoming Super Bowl commercial. Yes, your cynicism probably kicked in at “trailer for a commercial”, but if you enjoy dogs and Star Wars then your hollow, tin chest will be warmed over by the fantastically cute clip after the jump. The full commercial will air during the third quarter of the Super Bowl on February 5th. Keep an eye out for the AT-AT.

See if you can pinpoint all the Star Wars characters.

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