SyFy Has Officially Canceled STARGATE UNIVERSE

     December 16, 2010


The series seemed to be in danger for the past few weeks, but now it’s official. Today SyFy announced they have canceled Stargate Universe and will not renew the series for a third season. As of now this marks the end of the long-running series of TV adaptation which essentially created a Stargate franchise which all started with just one feature film in 1994. SyFy has really been killing the dreams of sci-fi TV fans this year, especially with their recent cancellation of Caprica and a seemingly mediocre American adaptation of Being Human taking up precious airtime instead. Surely plenty of longtime fans aren’t going to be happy about this, so feel free to sound off below.

UPDATE: As of now, Syfy plans on airing the last ten episodes early next year.  They had already been shot before today’s series cancellation.  That means the last episode is most likely going to end without resolution.