David Blue and Elyse Levesque On Set Video Interview STARGATE UNIVERSE

     September 21, 2010

With Stargate Universe returning with new episodes on Tuesday, September 28 on Syfy,  I was invited – along with a few other online journalists – to visit the Vancouver set a few weeks ago.  While on set I got to see a number of the SGU soundstages, interview the entire cast, and I was also able to check out the new Bridge set that was built for season two.  As a big fan of SGU, it was very cool to see the Destiny ship up close and also chat with everyone who brings the show to life.

While I won’t write about the big spoilers I learned while there, I have no problem saying season two builds on the momentum of the first season and it’s heading towards a big revelation.  Trust me, by the end of season two, a lot of information about the Destiny will be revealed.  More after the jump:

Anyway, on set I was able to participate in small roundtable interviews with the cast in the Gate room. While I’m usually only allowed to use my audio recorder, I was able to use my flip.  What that means is…over the next week I’ll be posting video interviews with the entire cast.  And up first… David Blue and Elyse Levesque.

Before I go any further, if you’re not watching SGU, you’re missing out on a great show.  I really recommend getting the Blu-ray’s and catching up.  But if you need a recap, here’s the first ten episodes and the second ten.

During the Blue and Levesque interview, they both talked about what’s coming up for their characters in season two, what it’s really like to make the show, how much do they know about the upcoming storyline, how do they feel about the move to Tuesday nights from Fridays, and a lot more.

As usual, I’ve time indexed the interview so you can see what they talk about before watching.  Look for another SGU interview tomorrow.  And make sure you remember SGU has moved to Tuesday nights.

David Blue and Elyse Levesque

  • What’s coming up this season
  • 1:25 – Is it difficult to keep straight what your character is doing. They explain how they shoot out of order
  • 3:30 – How often do they get to have press in the gate room
  • 4:15 – When did they know SGU moved to Tuesdays and what do they think of the move
  • 5:25 – They talk about the new aliens in the SGU galaxy in season 2
  • 7:10 – What is it like working with green screen
  • 8:30 – Their characters are very close. Where are they during season two?  Are they friends or something more? Blue reveals he has a new love interest on season 2
  • 11:00 – Levesque talks about what happens to her character during season 2
  • 12:35 – Do they come up with history for their characters that aren’t in the script
  • 14:30 – Blue talks about how actors might sometimes mess up a take to have to do more takes when it’s a makeout scene
  • 15:40 – Blue talks about how his relationship with Rush (Robert Carlyle) changes this season
  • 18:40 – Are they trying to bribe the writers to write in more clothing
  • 19:55 – How far into the future do they know the storyline
  • 20:45 – Blue says the producers know exactly how the show ends